NFC Compatibility

Want to know more or need advice identifying whether a device is NFC compatible? Click either the Android or Apple logo below to find the help you need.


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Devices below iPhone 6s do not have NFC compatibility. We offer an alternative FREE of charge that solves this issue. With a QR code, iPhones that do not have NFC readers can access your profile immediately through the scan of a QR code - keeping the efficient service that One Card provides.

Whilst iPhones 7/plus & 8/plus do have NFC chips, they do not all read NFC tags. From iOS14 onwards, you can enable NFC on your device by swiping up to view 'quick settings' and press the tag reader button. For those who run on older iOS systems, you'll need an app to use One Card by default! These apps are free and available on the app store. Click here to view an app.

iPhones from SE (2nd gen) onwards contain the NFC tag reading software by default. This means you will not need any extra apps to read One Card and you can freely share information between the devices.

We provide you with a unique QR code that will be available to download on your individual profile once you log in. This can be printed, created into a sticker or just downloaded onto your device so others can scan the code if they do not have NFC compatible phones! 

If you have any questions, contact us today.

Initially, you'll need to access settings to activate NFC tags. Once you've done that, you'll see that the icon is now accessible at all times! 

It can vary depending on the device, however, you can almost always swipe your One Card over the front or back camera of an iPhone with NFC compatibility. 

If you're having any trouble, be sure to contact us today.



NFC readers are often placed on the back of an Android device.  If when you swipe, your One Card isn't bringing up information, the next step would be to check the settings for NFC compatibility.

Visiting the settings on the device will tell you if it is NFC compatible. 

  1. Tap "settings"
  2. Tap "Connected Devices"
  3.  Tap "Connection Preferences"

Then you should see the option for "NFC" and "Android Beam". 

The exact location for these options may vary between handsets - but if it is NFC compatible, they will be there under settings. 

Looking for specific models NFC compatibility options? Online, you will find a multitude of websites giving information on specific models. 

Here's an updated list that may help you: Android Compatibility 2021

If a device isn't NFC compatible, you can use a QR code. This is easily downloaded from your online portal and saved to your phone.