Introducing Bushido

Bushido Quantum Image

What is Bushido?

The Moral code of The Samurai.
A modern definition of how a business can work for the power of good incorporating a moral code of honour and an ethical bedrock.

Bushido Impact Community Interest Company is an IMPACT fund.
This is a modern way to facilitate the ability to make a positive contribution to society by using the company for common good outcomes.

The mission is to help facilitate ways the public can join a community of like minded people being Impact investors that believe empowering new ways to make a difference is important and worthwhile.

The community interest company is creating and enabling a new way of wealth distribution for common good and being rewarded also which is a good thing to do

The Opportunity

Bushido offers two opportunities.

  1. Becoming a Bushido Member
    By becoming a Bushido member, you as an individual or business have the opportunity to take advantage of all other Bushido offers and promotions. Bushido offer an opportunity to take advantage of low repayment loan options. Read here to learn more.
  2. Become a Bushido Investor
    By becoming a Bushido Investor, your membership is returned after the 1st year and the interest on that investment is also returned.

What is the relationship with One Card?

Bushido and One Card have partnered to provide added benefits for our customers. we have successfully negotiated a huge discount on membership costs with Bushido.

This means that when you purchase a One Card Core we add further benefits for your annual subscription.

Becoming a One Card Core subscriber, you will have the option to upgrade to have a Bushido membership for a one off cost of £500 which has been reduced for One Card customers from £1500. This will open you and your business to access all the benefits Bushido offer.

What are the benefits of a Bushido Membership?

The following benefits are available if you become a Bushido Member

  • Your membership will include a One Card for Life subscription with no further costs for your One Card subscription. That means that you have the One Card and all it's benefits fincluded in your Bushido membership.
  • You have the opportunity to raise an application for Bushido financial funding.
  • You have access to become an investor of Bushido bonds, which in turn will provide a return on your investment after the first twelve months, plus the cost of your investment.