How To Leverage Your Networking


Your network events are key to creating new contacts and business relationships and One Card helps you at the beginning of your connection journey

Exchange Details

Be the One they remember with the One Card WOW factor! Meet new contacts and exchange details with one Tap to their phone, exchange details in less than a minute, saved forever!

Build Your Contact List

All new contacts are collected and saved to a nice, neat list within your online One Card portal. They receive an automatic response from you on your first connection so you’ve followed up before leaving the building

Increase Leads

Now your new lead is safely stored, not lost so you can continue to your contact and help guide your leads through your customer journey

Increase Sales

You have acted swiftly and efficiently and kept in touch with your new leads increasing your conversion rates

Follow Up

NOW keep in touch, share your news, introduce your new contacts to the benefits of your business

One Card - Your Contactless Digital Business Card

Packed with Features - This is not just a Digital Business Card

This is a Digital Card to do Business With

One Card revolutionizes the way businesses connect by offering a digital business card solution that eliminates the hassles and limitations of traditional paper cards.


Unlock Your Business Potential with the Game-Changing Power of One Card!

Share Your Business Details


Say goodbye to the inconvenience of running out of cards, misplacing them, or manually entering contact information into your phone or CRM. With One Card, users can instantly share with one tap:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website
  • ALL social media links
  • Brochure/Document
  • Meetings diary
  • Auto email response

SAVED FOREVER to your client’s phone. Increase the probability of your client staying in contact by being the one they remember.

FACT: 80% of paper business cards are discarded within 1 week

MAKE the sustainable choice with One Card

Share your business brochures and leaflets in One Tap:

Imagine never having to pay for paper printing!

With One Card it is a reality. Now you can save thousands of pounds spent on brochures and leaflets.

It’s simple to upload documents to your online portal, ready to share anytime with unlimited changes.

New brochure, no problem, simply delete and upload your new information for instant sharing.

FACT: Businesses waste 60% of printed materials due to outdated information.

NO MORE WASTE on outdated printed brochures and leaflets!


Book Meetings With The Calendly Integration


Why wait to get back to the office to book your next meeting?

Simply go straight to your diary in one tap!

FACT: Prospects are less likely to book their next meeting if they have had time to go away and think about it.

TAKE ACTION instantly with One Card

Revolutionise your Marketing with One Card Digital Merchandise

With the One Card Digital Coaster you can give customers a dynamic contactless marketing tool!

Tap a phone on the coaster and:

  • Visit a web page - your website, a specific product, a special offer promotion etc
  • Play an audio message
  • Play a YouTube or Vimeo video!

The function of the coaster is controlled from your One Card profile and can be changed at any time!

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Fast & Compatible

one card crm

No App required. No camera required.

Your profile appears instantly.

Data collection saved back to your portal or integrate directly into your CRM system.

FACT: Collect 500 business cards and take 20 hours of time to input data

500 One Card taps to get 500 contacts straight to your marketing list!

Automation is a business saver - What will you do with 20 hours of spare time?

Fundraise for your favourite charity

Donate with One Card. Making donations to charities and payments simple.

Adding a whole new dimension to having a digital business card

Fundraise for your favourite charities through your business card.

With less and less cash in the community you can support your favourite charities through One Card.

Use your One Card Core portal to manage where the funds are being sent. Change who you support as little or as often as you wish.

Collect funds through your digital merchandise

Have multiple people raising funds in multiple locations at the same time.

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Get Reviews Instantly

How many times have you asked customers to leave a review?

They are an important part of your SEO strategy. 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase online.

Now you can get a review instantly from your customers. Just tap your One Card on your clients phone and click the review button, they can leave the review while you wait.

There are three options for Reviews

  1. Enable the review button through your One Card Core profile
  2. Purchase just the Review card for your business
  3. Manage multiple review cards for your team through a single One Card Core Profile.

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Reduce waste, and streamline your business with One Card today.

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