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Welcome to One Card - One Heart

Are you a charity or someone passionate about supporting causes? In today's cashless society, we understand the challenges of collecting donations. That's why we've created One Card - One Heart.

With your One Card, collecting donations is as simple as tapping your card on a donators mobile phone. No need for multiple costly card payment solutions—just quick, easy, and efficient transactions.

Why Choose One Card - One Heart?

  • Streamlined donation collection
  • Anytime, anywhere convenience
  • Say goodbye to complicated payment processes

Register Your Interest: Be among the first to explore the possibilities of One Card - One Heart! Register your interest in the form below and discover more ahead of our official launch on January 15th, 2024. Elevate your donation opportunities effortlessly.

Let's make a positive impact! Together, let's simplify the world of donations.

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Empower Your Chosen Charity with One Card

In the post-COVID era, our reliance on cash has dwindled, impacting the donations received by charities. Many alternative solutions proved costly, diverting a significant portion of the donated funds away from the cause.

Enter One Card - the solution built into the One Card Core. With an immediate call to action, it facilitates seamless bank-to-bank transfers, allowing donors to contribute in under 20 seconds.

How It Works

1. Charity Registration: Charities need to register with One Card to enable swift transactions.
User Selection: Once registered, One Card Core users can effortlessly select their chosen charity from their profile.

2. Donation Process:
A simple tap of the One Card Core on the donor's phone initiates the process.

3. Confirmation: The donation page displays various amounts, ensuring users select the right charity before proceeding.

4. Bank Transfer: Upon selecting the desired amount, the user's banking app opens for a secure bank-to-bank transfer, completing the donation.


. Cost-effective: More of your donation goes directly to the cause.

. Swift and secure: A seamless process with the assurance of bank-grade security.

Join us in making a difference! Register your charity with One Card today and let's simplify the world of giving.

Unlock Fundraising Opportunities with One Card!

Every One Card user holds the power to support your charity. Once registered with One Card, your organization could be selected by our users through various channels, including One Card Core, One Card Teams, One Card Expo, or our upcoming product, One Card Pro.

How It Works for Charities:

  • Selection Process: When chosen, each One Card user gains the ability to raise funds effortlessly for your cause.
  • No Further Intervention: As the selected charity, you can sit back and watch donations flow directly into your bank account without any additional steps.

Benefits for Your Charity:

  • Effortless Fundraising: Your supporters can contribute seamlessly without any extra effort on your part.
  • Increased Visibility: An announcement across our network channels will spotlight our partnership, expanding your reach.

Join our network and be part of a community that supports positive change. Register your charity with One Card today, and let's make a difference together!"

Welcome to One Card - Empowering Charities Worldwide!

Upon acceptance of your registration, your charity will receive a comprehensive fundraising package:

  • 1 x One Card Core: Your gateway to effortless and secure donations.
  • 3 x Branded Donation Cards: Amplify your fundraising reach with visually appealing branded cards.
  • 3 x Branded Coasters: Engage supporters through branded coasters, turning every sip into a contribution.

Flexibility in Fundraising: Whether you choose to raise funds locally or tap into our global customer base, the One Card Core, Branded Donation Cards, and Branded Coasters offer diverse avenues for fundraising.

Boost Your Online Presence: Receive a tailor-made marketing pack to add to your website, complete with announcement messages and logos that link back to our site. Your unique affiliate link ensures that every purchase made through it results in a generous 20% donation back to your charity, exclusive of VAT.

Join us in making an impact globally. Register your charity with One Card today, and let's create positive change together!

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Enhance Your Giving Experience with the Donation Tab on One Card Core!

Discover a seamless way to support your favorite charities through the new Donation Tab on your One Card Core profile. Here's how it works:

Simple Charity Selection:

  • Navigate to the Donation Tab on your profile.
  • Select the charity you want to support.
  • Choose the region or search for charities to find the perfect cause for you.

Your Chosen Charity: Once selected, all your donations will automatically be directed to the chosen charity. It's a hassle-free way to make a difference.

Unlimited Flexibility: Feel free to change your supported charity as often as you like. The power is in your hands to diversify your impact and support various causes over time.

Experience the joy of giving with One Card Core! Log in today and explore the endless possibilities of supporting charities that matter to you.

Transform Your Business into a Force for Good with One Card Teams!

Picture this: every employee in your organization equipped with a powerful business tool, seamlessly collecting donations for their chosen charities. With One Card Teams, your company can support multiple causes, fostering a culture of giving.

How One Card Teams Works:

  • Each employee becomes a donation ambassador for their specific charity.
  • The One Card Teams product empowers the entire organization to collect donations anytime, anywhere.

Customized Giving:

  • The One Card Team administrator easily manages charities within the admin portal.
  • Charities can be selected based on teams, locations, departments, countries, or the entire organization, offering unprecedented customization.

Impactful Giving, Simplified:

  • The business tool streamlines the donation process, making it easy for employees to contribute to causes close to their hearts.
  • Elevate your corporate social responsibility with One Card Teams!

Join the movement, make an impact. Explore the possibilities of One Card Teams today!

Sample donation page when clicking on the donate button for Urban Synergy.

When you tap your One Card on a client's phone, here's what happens in a few simple steps:

  1. Tap the Donate Button:

    • A quick tap initiates the donation process.
  2. Select Donation Amount:

    • Choose the amount you wish to donate. The screen displays the selected charity from your profile. Enter your email address for a receipt.
  3. Choose Bank:

    • Select your preferred bank for the transaction.
  4. Authorize Payment:

    • Your banking app opens on your phone. Authorize access to confirm the payment.
  5. Payment by Transfer:

    • The donation is securely made through a bank-to-bank transfer.
  6. Thank-You Splash Screen:

    • A splash screen appears, expressing our gratitude for your contribution.

  7. Email Receipt:

    • An email receipt is promptly sent to the provided email address.

Experience the joy of giving, simplified. Tap, donate, and make a difference with One Card.