One Community

What is the One Card Community?

At One Card we believe in continually adding value. 

Building a community in which we can mutually support businesses, adding value in our products but also providing benefits and support offered by our customers and our partners. 
One Card staff are continually looking for ways to enhance your experience, promote your business, supporting your development. 

We believe that the more you succeed, the more we succeed and the more we succeed, the more we can help those around us to succeed.

Learn more about One Card's values and mission here

The One Card Community is available with our One Card Core, One Card Pro* and One Card Teams products.

Finance For Business

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Funding Your Business Growth

Securing funding is a distraction to what business is for the founder – delivering value to customers for a profit.
Bushido Quantum believes that the company Bushido Social Impact CIC will be the best alternative to securing funding and more advantage rates to include business support initiatives which may reflect in zero interest charges.

FREE Networking

Welcome to One Card Network, helping One Card users build business.

One Card was built with your business in mind, a tool to help you connect more effectively and build business relationships which is why we invite you to join the One Card community for FREE.

How it works

  • Join the One Card Linkedin group.
  • Access to articles and help and advise from the networking community.
  • Showcase your business to the One Card network.
  • Receive and offer business referrals.
  • Book 1 2 1 meetings with other members.

Partner Program

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Unlock Massive Earning Potential with the One Card Partner Program

By simply activating your Partner account you can create an added income stream when recommending the One Card to your friends, clients and business partners.

How it works:

  • Activate your affiliate link in your portal one card profile affiliate
  • Share your affiliate link or QR code to your network.
  • Earn commission from any One Card purchases.

*Excludes basic card purchases

Discounts on goods or services - Coming soon

One Community

One Card community will allow access to discounts on business products and services such as:

  • Marketing
  • Accountancy
  • Websites
  • SEO
  • and more

Business Learning - Coming soon

Online access to tutorials from business leaders, seminars and more.


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