Online Centrally Managed Portal

Admins will control all data to be shared on the employees card ensuring all employees are compliant. Easily update information as staff move or change job titles.

Network or Exhibit

Your team is now equipped to network or showcase the business without using paper.

Exchange Details

Share your details and collect data from stand attendees, share digital brochures, price lists.

You can even share your colleague details from other departments!

Data Collection To Your Portal or CRM

All new contacts are saved to a nice, neat list to your portal or opt for CRM integration.

All contacts receive an auto intro response, you have followed up before they have left the building.


Learn real time information on contacts and conversations assisting with monitoring ROI at events or team performance and conversion rates.


Your marketing team can now take over and continue the client relationship, keep your new contacts informed of offers and news taking them through your client journey.

One Team

Centrally managed for business compliance, unlimited changes to staff data.

Staff joiners, movers, leavers and promotions cost business ££££ per year in unused printed materials.

Switching to One Card can bring significant benefits to businesses with teams of people. Conventional paper cards can be wasteful and costly, especially for larger teams where cards need to be constantly ordered and reprinted every time there is a change in staff details. By switching to One Card, businesses can benefit from all digital business cards that can be centrally managed for compliance purposes.

This means no more wastage of paper or resources, and no more time wasted on manual data entry. One Card can streamline your lead generation process, boost your sales, and increase the productivity of your employees. By sharing your One Card with potential clients, you can easily connect and provide all your relevant business information in one convenient platform.

One Card is an eco-friendly solution that aligns with business sustainability policies, by reducing your carbon footprint and eliminating paper waste. With One Card, you can be assured that your business is making a positive impact on the environment while saving money and time.

One Card Teams Is Ideal If You Require:

Centrally Managed Details

Manage your team profiles and locations from your Teams portal.

Staff member moves to another location? Simply assign them to the new location and their profile will instantly update.

Your team's profiles are also accessible from your profile so you can quickly give clients the correct collegue's details.

Document Repository

Manage your documents and brochures.

Add multiple documents to your team's profiles to allow easy sharing with clients.

Any of your documents can be automatically emailed to clients when they complete the CRM form.

All of the documents within the document repository can be manged by assigning them to individual users or departments. Selecting whether these are to be emailed upon detail exchange.


Multiple Locations & Departments


Staff members can be assigned to a specific location - and moved when neccessary!

Locations can be given specific documents and email responses.

Opening a new branch? Simply add the new location and assign staff members to it!


Both the client facing profiles and the admin portal can be designed and branded to your specification.

Additional profile fields/information can be included within your design.

Need a new feature? Please ask and we will be happy to help!



One Team - Analytics


Analytics for your team are available on the admin dashboard.

Within the analytics, you can see who is using the card and how often throughout your team.

Obtain geographical useage data to identify where there is more interest and exchange of client information.

Understand the devices the One Card is being used on and much more.

The analytics can be tailored for your business.


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