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How Digital Business Cards Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How Digital Business Cards Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Did you know that the average paper business card uses about 1.4 grams of paper? That’s enough to cut down a tree in just 7 seconds!  Switch to digital business cards and help save the planet. In today’s digital age, there are many ways to reduce …
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A guide to getting the best from your exhibitions

Exhibitors Guide – Tips for Exhibiting at trade shows

Exhibition Success: Maximize Your Business’s Impact and ROI Trade shows or Exhibitions are a powerful marketing tool that can significantly benefit your business. They provide a platform for networking, showcasing your products or services, and generating leads. However, success at a trade show requires careful planning and execution. In this guide, we will explore the …
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Revolutionising Merchandise and Marketing 

This versatile product can adapt to your needs, be it for branding, awareness or sales, transforming how you connect with your clients. Round-the-clock accessibility with traditional merchandise, your reach is limited by logistics and accessibility. One Card’s digital merchandise, however, can be shared and accessed anytime, anywhere, breaking geographical and temporal barriers. Going digital ensures …
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Digital Business Cards such as One Card can significantly cut your exhibition costs

Why One Card Is The Best Digital Business Card

Don’t buy a digital business card before reading this….. Are you considering buying a digital business card? It’s an excellent choice for modern businesses that want to stay ahead of the game. But before you purchase any digital business card, there are several factors you need to consider. In this article, we’ll discuss what you …
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NFC Business Cards,nfc business card

NFC & Contactless Business Cards UK

In the digital age, networking and exchanging contact information have evolved beyond traditional paper business cards. With the rise of smartphones and near-field communication (NFC) technology, businesses now have access to a cutting-edge solution: NFC business cards. This blog explores the game-changing potential of NFC business cards, their benefits, and how One Card has emerged as the …
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reinventing sales strategies

Reinventing sales strategies: Cost saving solutions with one card for SME’s.

Introduction In today’s digital age, businesses need to keep pace with the fast-evolving world to ensure efficiency while maintaining competitiveness. This is especially true for companies that rely heavily on printed materials for their sales and marketing strategies. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) with a limited budget for marketing need to allocate their resources wisely …
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Digital Business Card for 50p

What business tool can you buy for 50p? With One Card, you can unlock a range of benefits and essential business tools for less than 50p a day, all while making a positive impact on the environment. Here’s what you get: Digital Business Card: Say goodbye to costly and environmentally unfriendly paper business cards. One …
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Mark and Michelle from One Card - innovators of tech for business networking and creator of the digital card

The New Era of Networking: Maximising Your Connections with the Latest Tech Innovations

By Mark and Michelle Sheville, co-founders of the world’s first two-way digital business card One Card Networking has always been a key factor in establishing a successful career. Whether it’s expanding your contacts, growing your business, or gaining insights from industry peers, networking is an indispensable tool. But with the continued advancement of technology and …
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One Card, The Only Business Card you will ever need

In today’s digital age, where convenience and efficiency reign supreme, traditional paper business cards are becoming a thing of the past. Enter One Card, the innovative digital business card solution that revolutionizes the way professionals connect and network. With its unique features and comprehensive toolkit, One Card is poised to be the go-to solution for …
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How to harness the power of technology to maximise networking & relationship-building in business

In this piece, tech entrepreneur and co-founder of One Card, Michelle Shevill, looks at how women can maximise the power and value of networking and relationship-building in business through the use of tech. Michelle is the co-founder of One Card – the world’s first, award’s-shortlisted, two-way digital business card facilitating the exchange of details to …
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